Monday, November 5, 2012

Homemade Butterfingers

        Well Halloween is over. My kids had a great one. With that, of course, means having all kinds of leftover candy. Between that and all the candy that is going on clearance at the store I work at, something evidently needs to be done with all that candy. Well that was the topic of conversation one day at work and one of my coworkers told be about this recipe. So of course I need to give this a try. Here's the link:
Plain Chicken: Homemade Butterfingers
        On the post itself a lot of the comments indicate that these are really good, just nailing the Butterfinger flavor on the head. It was indicated the the filling texture is a little softer though. I'll post again after I've given it a try.

edit: The recipe and my experience with it can be found at Homemade Butterfingers

Recipe can be found on Plain Chicken

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