Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Saints Roost Gathering - Some of the best Barbecue I've ever had

        I recently went to a party hosted by a co-worker of mine. She hosts an annual gathering for all her friends and the food is always great. At least that's what I always heard. This was the first time I actually made it, and I'm very glad I did. It's a bring the whole family kind of party that she hosts every fall. She gets a DJ, so there is good music. Her yard is big so there is room for the kids to run around and for people to play some games or just move around. At this time of year the weather where I live is just perfect. The day of her party the weather was clear and beautiful  In addition to all these fine things to make for a great get together, the food did not disappointing. Everything was great.

        Several people brought some sort of dip for all of us to try. I think there was about ten different kinds of dip. There was a Philly Cheese Steak dip, a Bean and Queso dip, a Buffalo Chicken Wing dip, a Jalapeno Cheese dip, some fruit dips, and even a Reuben dip and others. There were so many great dips to try. I personally liked all of those I just mentioned. That's probably why I remembered them. All of them were very good. There was no shortage of delicious things to scoop up and eat with chips or bread. I think next year I will bring something too.

        Also there was a yummy pasta salad and some coleslaw to go along with the main course. Ah, the main course. The highlight of all that yummy food was the barbecue. My co-workers husband always smokes various meats for everyone to enjoy. It was some of the all time best barbecue that I've ever had. He smoked some pork ribs. I was told they were baby-back ribs. Also he smoked some beef brisket and some chicken breast. The ribs and brisket were tender and juicy. The chicken was a little dry but chicken breast often is. It was, however, superbly flavored with smoke flavor. To be honest I'm not really sure what woods were used, but I believe the pork was smoked in pecan and the beef and chicken in mesquite. At any rate the flavor was through the roof and perfect for their respective meats. While I prefer barbecue sauce to be cooked onto the meat a little bit, it was provided on the side. Considering the numerous people in attendance that was probably the right move. They had some different flavors to try so everyone was able to choose. I think there was a sweeter sauce and a tangier sauce. There might have been others but those are the ones I remember. Any combination I tried with the meat and barbecue sauce was amazing. All in all the entire meal was a great collection of great flavor. The food was all so very good.

        Thanks goes out to my co-worker for hosting such a great event and a special thanks goes out to all those who helped provide the great food, especially my co-workers husband. I will do my best to go to her next get together. I can't see myself missing out on that again. My sons really enjoyed themselves and were sad to leave. I had a really enjoyable time with good friends and great food. I hope you too can have the opportunity to share a great time and good food with good people. There are few things in life that are better. 

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